Phenocane BottleThank goodness for Phenocane.  Phenocane is an all-natural COX2 inhibitor and dietary supplement made from a powerful blend of Curcumin, Curcuminoids, dl Phenylananine, Boswellia and Nattokinase.  In other words, Phenocane is an all-natural dietary supplement that helps with fast relief, reducing discomfort, improving flexibility and mobility.

Phenocane comes in vegetarian capsules to help with the speed of release and the natural reaction of the body.  The most common reason for pain is inflammation and by focusing on the inflammation, Phenocane was awarded the “Best of Supplements Award” in 2008.  Phenocane is taken in the morning and at night with or without food.  By only having to take 2 capsules per day you are able to focus on living while Phenocane works on pain.  By enhancing your body’s natural defense mechanisms Phenocane helps in overall health.

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Phenocane is a natural supplement that can help with discomfort and pain from sports injuries, arthritis, inflammation, back pain, non-specific joint pain and sciatica. Uncontaminated by additives or preservatives, Phenocane can provide pain help without the side effects that are often generated by synthetic prescription pain relievers.

Taking Phenocane as a dietary supplement empowers your body with all the benefits of aspirin without the gastrointestinal side effects commonly caused by aspirin. Although aspirin is a COX2 inhibitor, it also inhibits COX1, an action that exacerbates ulcers, can cause heartburn and has shown to promote internal bleeding. In fact, long-term aspirin use can be dangerous for some people who continue to take aspirin due to chronic pain. With Phenocane, the body is not subjected to harsh chemicals that can rapidly deteriorate certain physiological systems. Instead, pain is relieved with all-natural ingredients that can be used for extended periods without experiencing alarming side effects.